Frequently Asked Questions

For issues not involving eminent danger try resolving the matter by speaking with your neighbor.  In extreme cases that require emergency assistance the homeowner should call the proper authorities (Police Department for public safety or noise violations and Animal Control in the case of a situation involving dogs).  Non-emergency issues can also be reported to Meridian Management and/or the Packard Board; comprehensive contact information available here.

The Declaration and By-laws should have been provided to each homeowner at the time they purchased their condominium. A copy these and all of the governing documents can be found on the Documents Page of this website. Those documents, along with the Packard Handbook (also found on this site in “Documents”) constitute the official, binding Rules and Regulations of the Packard.

ALL structural changes, including those inside your condo, must be reviewed and approved by the Packard Board.  Some seemingly minor interior changes could impact the structural integrity of the building and, therefore, they must be submitted for review.  Exterior changes, including but not limited to the facade of the building, patios, balconies and anything to do with parking spaces must also be submitted for review.  Those areas are legally known as “Common” and “Limited Common” areas and are actually owned  by the Packard Condominium Association.

Submittals for review should be sent to Meridian Management or the Packard Board (see contact information here).  It should include a complete description of the proposed change.  Following a preliminary review the Board may require additional information including, but not limited to, engineering reports, architectural drawings and other similar documents.  Any such documents would have to be provided at the owner’s expense.

You may contact Meridian Management for assistance.  If the issue is not resolved, you may submit your complaint to the Packard Board for review and resolution.  Comprehensive contact information available here.

Meridian Management handles issues in the “Common and Limited Common Areas”, including halls, garage, the building exterior and grounds.  Maintenance and repairs in the interior of condos is the responsibility of the condominium owner.  If you are unsure about the responsibility, feel free to contact Meridian Management for clarification.  They may also be able to refer you to appropriate contractors or repair services.

Absolutely. Secure payments can be made online by logging into your CINC account here.